Course Sections

The Malayalam Tutor CD-ROM course is divided into seven sections.

1. Basics

The student is expected to observe carefully, and is introduced to the Malayalam sounds and alphabet. They listen to the basic sounds, hear how the language is spoken, and have a look at how the words are written and the simpler methods of

2. Writing Skills

Introduction to the alphabet, with student learning to read, write and pronounce the characters – a unique writing facility provided here, where one can practice the writing with the mouse on the board in red, blue, green or black.

3. Lessons

Helps the student to learn and speak words – lots of vocabulary, speech practice, common usages, glossary etc. are included in this section, all in an interactive animated context. Tests are also provided in order for the students
to evaluate themselves.

4. Numbers

The student learn the numbers and how to write, read and speak them.

5. Riddles, Idioms and Proverbs

This section has been included mainly to increase the level of interaction of children with their parents. The method adopted here is such that the student, if a child, will start communicating with their parents to know more about the proverbs and riddles. This also gives the parent ample opportunity to interact with their child, teach them the significance of the proverbs and how it is relevant to their life. It also helps students to expand their vocabulary.

6. Stories

Gives the student a simulation of reading Malayalam storybooks. Listen to and see the story, while enjoying the entertaining graphics. Gets the student closer to Malayalam culture and customs. By now, the student starts reading long sentences in Malayalam and his or her vocabulary has also considerably improved. 

Malayalam Tutor Main Menu Screenshot

As you can see here, the whole course of learning Malayalam is divided into seven lessons. It is designed in such a way that by the time learners reach the seventh lesson, Songs, they are capable of reading a Malayalam newspaper or a book.
Malayalam Tutor Basics Screenshot

Here we start giving the students a feel of Malayalam. Fifteen carefully chosen lessons in this section will introduce them to alphabets and sounds – they start recognizing and talking the alphabets by themselves.
Malayalam Tutor Writing Skills Screenshot

The learner is taken to the roots of the Malayalam alphabets here – right from vowels and consonants to the more complex conjunct consonants.
Malayalam Tutor Vowels Screenshot

Writing is the best way to learn and remember alphabets. We start with the first alphabet, telling the student how to pronounce and write it, as well as its usages. Since learners see and get acquainted with so many Malayalam words during this session, learning alphabets becomes a simple task for them.
Malayalam Tutor Numbers Screenshot

Learners are introduced to Malayalam numbers here. They start reading small words easily, without any conscious effort.
Malayalam Tutor Vocabulary Screenshot

Students are introduced to the glossary of everyday Malayalam here. They get a lot of opportunity to listen to and read what they have learned, and learn new things as well. By the time they are finished with lessons they will be able to read even difficult words in Malayalam. The next screen will show you how.
Malayalam Tutor Animals Screenshot

Learners gets to know the name of animals in Malayalam here. They start by listening to and reading words one by one on their own. Along with their reading skill, vocabulary also improves.
Malayalam Tutor Speech Practice Screenshot

Here we have a lot of simple sentences that will help you to listen and to speak a lot of Malayalam. By now, learners
start reading small sentences on their own.
Malayalam Tutor Proverbs Screenshot

This lesson has multiple objectives. The learner starts to read and listen to longer sentences and learn more of the vocabulary. The methodology adopted is such that the learner, if a child, starts communicating with their parents to know more about proverbs and the riddles. The parent also get ample opportunity to interact with the child about the significance of the proverbs and as to how it can be adapted to their  life.
Malayalam Tutor Stories Screenshot

Four well-known stories are narrated in this section. The learner starts reading longer sentences here.

Malayalam Tutor Songs Screenshot

Nine nostalgic songs are recited in this section giving an insight to the Malayalam culture. Paragraphs are highlighted as they are recited; the learner starts listening and reading paragraphs too. They are now capable of reading a Malayalam newspaper or a book.